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Wahl Refractory SOlutions, LLC

Fremont, Ohio
Wahl Sunrise Logo.jpg

Wahl Refractory SOlutions, LLC

Fremont, Ohio

Wahl is a manufacturer of custom refractory products for the aluminum, steel, cement, and other high-temperature process industries. Wahl produces its custom monolithic refractory formulations in both precast and cast-in-place solutions. Wahl's products provide customers with increased uptime, lower installation cost, and lower lifetime cost. Wahl acquired Whetstone Technologies in 2012.

Year Founded: 1921; Employees: 60+

Year Acquired: 2006 (Realized: 2020 Strategic Buyer)

Wahl Sunrise Logo.jpg

Swiss-Tech, LLC

Delavan, Wisconsin
Swiss-Tech Logo.jpeg

Swiss-Tech is an ISO 9001, ISO 13485, and AS9100 certified niche manufacturer of low-volume, highly engineered, precision machined components for the medical device, aerospace, fluid power, and industrial markets. Through its swiss machining, turning, and milling capabilities, Swiss-Tech produces a wide variety of parts in stainless steel, brass, copper, titanium, carbon steel, nickel-based alloys, and plastics to exacting tolerances of ± 0.0002 inches.

Year Founded: 1965: Employees 120+

Year Acquired: 2008 (Realized: 2018 Family Office)

Gasko fabricated products, inc

Medina, Ohio

Gasko is an ISO/QS certified manufacturer of non-metallic, close-tolerance industrial diaphragms, gaskets, and seals. These die-cut parts are critical components in automotive, aerospace, fluid power, appliance, and lawn & garden OEM applications 

Year Founded: 1954; Employees: 50+

Year Acquired: 2006 (Realized: 2012 Private Equity Buyer)


RHOPAC, inc.

Libertyville, Illinois

Rhopac is an ISO certified converter of non-metallic materials with a core focus in open and closed cell foams with pressure sensitive laminates. Rhopac manufactures gaskets, sealing and sound dampening parts for the appliance, home improvement, transportation, and medical industries.

Year Founded: 1924; Employees: 20+

Year Acquired: 2006 (Realized: 2012 Private Equity Buyer)


DEEP Hole Specialists

Auburn Township, Ohio

Deep Hole is a specialty machine shop that provides gundrilling, trepanning, and spade drilling and specialty machining services to customers in the automotive, aerospace, industrial machinery, metals processing, military, and utility end markets.

Year Founded: 1944; Employees: 20+

Year Acquired: 1999 (Realized: 2008 Family Office Buyer)

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Penco Tool, inc.

Ashtabula, Ohio

Penco Tool manufactures large compression and injection molds for the automotive, trucking, construction, and industrial markets. Penco's tooling addresses the molding needs of applications requiring composite plastic and thermoset materials.

Year Founded: 1964; Employees: 20+

Year Acquired: 2000 (Realized: 2008 Management Buyout)

Penco Tool.png

FREMONT PLAStic Molds & Automation

Fremont, Ohio

FPM manufactures industrial blow molds, twin sheet vacuum form molds as well as secondary fixtures, gages, and automated trim and weld stations. FPM's molds are utilized for automotive fuel tanks and underhood reservoirs, rigid packaging, and home improvement products.

Year Founded: 1963; Employees: 75+

Year Acquired: 1999 (Realized: 2008 Private Equity Buyer)


Crown mold & machine

Streetsboro, Ohio

CMM manufactures medium to large (500 to 1,000 ton press) injection molds for the appliance, automotive, and lawn & garden industries.

Year Founded: 1953; Employees: 100+

Year Acquired: 1999 (Realized: 2008 Private Equity Buyer)

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