Cornerstone Industrial Group


What We Do

Acquire and Invest in Private Businesses

We acquire niche businesses with a long-term ownership perspective as well as make minority equity investments to support growth. We are interested in businesses with cash flow up to $7 million in the following sectors:

  • Niche Manufacturing

  • Value-added Distribution and Logistics

  • Business Services

Provide Advice to Owners of Private Businesses

Cornerstone provides advice on the big owner to business owner. We assist you in achieving your goals using proven strategies and relationships:

  • Preparation for a Company Sale

  • Generational Ownership Transitions

  • Financing for Growth

  • Financial Recovery

  • Performance Optimization

  • Strategic Planning

Why We are Different

  • Business Owner's Perspective

  • Long-Term Approach 


  • Partnership with Owners and Managers


  • Extensive Management and Problem Solving Expertise


  • Significant Business Process Experience and Lean Optimization


  • Proven Track Record


  • Creative Deal Structuring


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