Advisory Services

We Provide Advice on the Big Issues...Business Owner to Business Owner


Cornerstone assists businesses in achieving their potential. As advisors, we represent key stakeholders in the preparation for, and execution of, ownership transitions. Cornerstone also advises on the development and execution of strategies to address significant business opportunities and issues, with a focus on maximizing value.

Mike Adams and Todd McCuaig have been providing advice and investment capital to smaller manufacturing businesses for more than 25 years. Having owned more than ten businesses, we understand the perspectives of owners, investors, lenders and operating managers. In each situation, we bring to bear the judgment that only deep experience can bring. We do so with integrity and a commitment to delivering real, measurable results.



If you can answer yes to any of the following questions, Cornerstone can help:

  • Does your company have inconsistent, declining or disappointing levels of sales or margins?


  • Are your costs out of line with the industry and the competition?


  • Do your operations lack sufficient control and have inconsistent quality?


  • Are you experiencing excess scrap levels, high warranty costs or large and slow-moving inventories?


  • Is your company missing signficant growth opportunities because of the lack of capital or the right personnel?


  • Does your company have inadequate management systems or little access to information that can assist in better decision-making?


  • Do you lack a detailed annual business plan and financial budget?


  • Does your company lack clear goals and operating metrics that the whole organization understands?


  • Does the company have a strained relationship with its financing partners?


  • Is the company facing an impending ownership change or management transition?


  • Is a sale of the business anticipated in the next 1 - 3 years?

Preparation for Sale

  • Assist in Defining Your Objectives

  • Assess the Current State of the Business

  • Set Goals to Get the Business Ready for a Sale

  • Develop Strategies to Achieve Those Goals

  • Provide Ongoing Support Through the Completion of the Sale

  • Provide Valuation and Deal Negotiation Advice

  • Assist with Investment Banker Selection


Generational Ownership Transition

  • Assist in Defining Your Objectives

  • Provide Independent Advice for Constituents

  • Provide Advice on Valuation and Structuring

  • Provide Ongoing Advice for Next Generation Owner(s)


Financing for Growth

  • Assist in Development of a Business Plan

  • Develop Long-Term Financing Strategy

  • Secure Bank Financing

  • Secure Mezzanine or Equity Financing


Financial Recovery

  • Provide Situational Assessment

  • Review and Assess Business Strategy

  • Develop Business Stabilization Plan

  • Manage Lender Relationships


Performance Optimization

  • Review Business Strategy

  • Develop Profit and Process Improvement Initiatives

  • Provide Personnel Assessment and Go-forward Plan

  • Review Incentive Systems and Make Modification Recommendations

  • Develop Plan for Working Capital Optimization

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