CIG Team

For Business Owners



  • Smooth Ownership Transition – We seek to preserve the traditional strengths of the business while providing resources for new levels of achievement


  • Partnership With Management – We work as advisors to management, supporting their efforts where needed


  • Long-term Perspective – We seek to position the business for sustainable growth over the long run


  • Focus on Growth Strategy – We work with management to develop a long-term growth strategy and the annual plans that ensure strong execution


  • Operational Independence – Each of our businesses is operated and financed independently, and each management team is empowered to run their business


  • Strong Balance Sheet – We ensure that each of our businesses has adequate capital to achieve their growth plans and carry on through periods of soft demand


Cornerstone Industrial Group acquires high quality niche manufacturers, distributors and service providers having the potential for long-term growth. Cornerstone works with the senior managers of each business to develop strategic plans setting the framework for growth. While we don’t participate in day-to-day operations, Cornerstone assists management by providing additional resources where appropriate. Founded in 1998, Cornerstone has acquired 10 businesses to date.

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